The Art of Digital Marketing



Another decade has begun and we can’t hide the fact as the days, months, and years past technology keeps evolving. As we take a look back to imagine how our system, culture, lifestyle and even businesses changed by technology. In 2019 42.5% of the population are using a smartphone that’s almost 3.2 Billion people keeping connected to the world of technology. From a business perspective, they need a strategy to reach as much as possible people to get to know their product or services and take an interest in it. That is why some of the businesses adopt the technology to help them to get a bigger audience as they did in the ’80s up to late ’00s where signage and billboard are being used to attract a new and possible audience. Now in one click or while browsing the phone, you can attract people to get to know about your product or services by doing Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

We can say that Digital Marketing is a version 2.0 of marketing that we used to. It still promotes business products or services but in new and with the help of technology. Digital Marketing transforms the old way of marketing by managing it through online presence. One of the examples of the Digital Marketing is a company website, Mobile Apps, Using of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Company Social Media Pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) it is online communications approach to help your company to have edge and be one step ahead to your competitors. Digital Marketing also helps you to have a better connection to your customers/clients by establishing the customer experience in that way they can give feedback or comments on how your product/services help them and satisfy them.

The Art of Digital Marketing

Now that you have an idea what is Digital Marketing now let’s talk about the importance of it. Always think about what your audience wants and take note of it so we know how to manage and plan for the next move. There are different ways to interact with your audience than email. Here are the 3 things you need to remember and you need to consider:

  1. Device – your digital marketing strategy should be flexible. The audience should interact with your websites or apps on the smartphone which is the combination of computers, tablets, and phones.
  1. Social Media Platforms – most interaction on smartphones are through browsing to social media such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and other
  1. Digital Media – you also need to do a paid advertisement why? The organic post won’t reach a bigger audience. It a recent study only 1% of your total page likes or followers can see your post. Imagine having 100,000 page like or followers only 1,000 will see you organic post that is why this is one of the essential in Digital Marketing.

Who is ARC?

Arc Innovation Insight provides business an all in one service with creative design, branding, and management consultancy. ARC s composed of diversely creative individuals who are more than willing to give quality services to our clients. We make sure that we help our clients to go further with their business through Digital Marketing and Strategy and wallet-friendly service fee.

What ARC has to offer

  • Design – We design general graphics from the website design / User interface to social media posts and stories. Even posters, banners, company brochures.
  • Social Media & Content Management – Facebook and Instagram page branding and advertising content in social media, clients customer service and queries and we provide social media analytics.
  • Branding ­– We can create on the eye-catching logo design for your company, business cards, letterheads, product packaging, and label design
  • SEO & Advertisement – Search Engine Optimization to boost your website search result and relevance. SEO Analytics Report, Google AdWords, Keyword Advertising and blog and content for your website.
  • Wordsmith ­– Copywriting, write-ups and press releases product write-ups reviews.
  • Strategic Management & Consultancy – Management Consultancy and pre-business assistance for business plan formulation and implementation.

Let’s discuss your business and let ARC help your company to be competitive in this new age. It’s never too late to delve into digital. Connect to your clients and build a better branding for your company.

Discover how ARC can innovate your brands and competes with other company that also uses Digital Marketing.  Learn more about the company by reaching us through phone +(63) 02 8840 – 0054 or email us at