Marketing in the Times of Covid


As the COVID-19 outbreak has resulted to the disruption of people’s daily routine, it is not surprising that businesses have been greatly affected. The economy has slowed down and cash flow may currently be difficult. Now more than ever, you should consider incorporating Digital Marketing into your marketing plan.

Since the pandemic quickly spread out to every nation, one way of knowing updates and sending information about the current situation is through social media. Social media has been a great asset in enabling the government to give our vital information to the public and letting people voice out their opinion on various issues.

Social Media Marketing is a great asset in helping your business operations while observing proper social distancing. This is where digital marketing comes in.What is Digital Marketing? Digital Marketing is the use of the internet using mobile devices and social media platforms to reach target audiences. ARC is more than a Digital Marketing agency that provides businesses with unique, stylish, up-to-date, and creative strategies.  ARC understands the importance and essence of Digital Marketing in today’s business.

ARC’s Social Media Management is one of the services we specialize in. We manage your Facebook and Instagram content. Our graphics team creates artwork that match your brand goals and aesthetics. Part of Social Media Management is to provide Analytics for you to know how well your page and post is performing. We also handle client inquiries and PMs for you. On top of that, we also do Social Media Advertising to ensure that the posts and stories we place on our pages are seen by our intended audience.

Due to the enhanced community quarantine, people are not allowed to go outside as freely as they want and because of this, online traffic and internet users have ballooned. More attention is now given to social media with people not only checking on their friends’ status and relevant current events but people are using social media to look for products and services that they need. As business owners, investing in to digital marketing will also help the public be more aware of what your brand has to offer.

Though we are facing difficulties, let us never forget to share factual information through social media. Let’s use digital marketing as one way of reaching out to people and send out a helping hand. Let us be one in fighting our way out of this pandemic.

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