Content Marketing Trends 2021

According to the annual report of advertising firms We Are Social and Hootsuites that was released last January 2021, the Philippines ranked first in the list of countries with the most time spent in the usage of social media. Being forced to stay at home and live in one of the countries that imposed the longest lockdown among other countries in Southeast Asia, Filipinos spent nearly 10 hours of internet usage per day. 

Since pivoting to digital is the only feasible choice for some businesses to remain open, this also paved the way for a lot of opportunities for businesses to use digital content marketing amidst the pandemic.  

Here are some content marketing trends that can be useful to build a stronger brand presence online: 

1 .Interactive Contents 

Utilizing polls and quizzes in your online content is a fun and interactive way to engage with your target audience. It makes them feel more engaged and gives off a memorable customer experience in connecting with your target market. 

Another interactive trend is the rise of Augmented Reality (AR). AR is an enhanced and interactive version of the physical world that can be accessed through the use of digital visual elements, sound, or other sensory stimuli delivered via technology. If you enjoy using Snapchat lenses and Google’s 3D AR experience, that is what you call the AR. A lot of businesses in the beauty industry use this trend to engage with their customers and let them have an idea of how the makeup looks on them through AR. 


2. Social Commerce or E-commerce Shopping 

Social media continues to grow and adapt to enhance user experience. Facebook and Instagram added a new Shop feature that businesses can use to sell products and communicate with their customers directly. 

In an article from Business World, Zalora Philippines CEO Paolo Campos III mentioned that 91% of Filipinos searched for goods and services online during the quarantine. Whereas, 76% of which completed their transaction online. This proves the rise of e-commerce and now it is part of the mainstream. 


3. Live stream, Webinars and Video Contents 

Events like tours and concerts become virtual due to the pandemic. Face-to-face seminars and meetings, likewise, switched to Zoom.  

This made a lot of consumers tune in to brands or influencer’s live content. Live videos are a quick and effective way to convey a message or information to your audiences or target market. 

Another platform that is prevalent and you should start looking out for is TikTok.TikTok is popular among Gen Zs with over 850 million users worldwide. A lot of influencers also use this platform to engage with brands and followers.  

Some businesses are already starting to figure out how they can use this to build a community for their brands. 


4 . Socially Ethical Contents and Campaigns 

From the devastating calamities that hit the Philippines to the global pandemic last 2020, the power of social media is proven effective in spreading community awareness for donation drives. It did not only drive people to volunteer but also businesses and brands to be purpose-driven in times of need. 

According to a survey conducted by Twitter, 74% want to see acts of kindness being showcased by brands and  77% of their respondents agreed they feel more positively about brands making an effort to support society.  

Using your brand to be more socially aware and active about the relevant issues that your target audiences passionately care about.  


5. Transparency and Honesty 

Having transparency and being real about your brand can give you credibility. Consumers like to see brands that show authenticity about their products. 

Open your doors to constructive criticism and reviews and openly address negative comments.  


 Level up your content 

 Keep up and make these trends a practice in your brand! Let Arc help you innovate your content, from making engaging content to reaching everyone, even beyond your target market! We can help increase awareness and make your brand presence stronger.