Facebook Ads for Beginners: Getting to Know the Importance of Facebook Ads

For beginners or even established marketers, Facebook advertising may be the best strategy to offer businesses with more than 2.8 billion active users across the world. You’ll be able to target specific audiences in any market segment with Facebook Ads. Perhaps, you’ve recently launched an online store and have been looking for strategies to bring in first customers. The answer is using FB Ads.


Why Facebook Ads? 

Facebook continues to be the best platform to target specific audiences even if other social media platforms like Instagram and Tiktok are becoming more and more mainstream. Due to its widespread use, many individuals view Facebook as the official way to communicate with friends, family, and more people. The platform is a powerful advertising tool that enables you to target millions of people globally as well as sharing creative contents using photographs and videos, changing status updates, and leaving messages on friends’ walls. By that, a wide range of targeting possibilities is available for all, making it the best strategy for online business owners. Notably, there are many other ways to find a market beyond their geographical places (countries, states, cities, and even zip codes), gender, age, interest, etc. Moreover, you can virtually advertise all sorts of content that are appropriate for businesses on Facebook, including status updates, pictures, videos, promotions, and, of course, links to your website.


The objective of Facebook is to formulate a strategy to distribute the limited amount of advertising space they have. They do this by conducting countless mini-auctions with advertisers bidding against one another for advertising space every second. If you manage to win the auction, you’ll be charged, and the audience you specified and picked will see your advertisement. All the preparations and setting up are on the Ads Manager. As soon as you open it, the Campaigns page will open and you can begin building your first campaign.


Facebook recognizes eleven different campaign objectives:


Brand awareness – Ads will be shown to people who will most likely to remember it.

Reach – Let Facebook display the advertisement to as many users as it can.

Traffic – Will send people directly to the website.

Engagement – Target audience that is more likely to like, comment, react, share, and save on the posts.

App installs – Show the ad to people who will download the app.

Video views – Show ad to people who will most likely to watch the video.

Lead generation – Target market that is more likely to enter your sales funnel.

Messages – Target Facebook Messenger users who are more inclined to send you a direct message.

Conversions – Promote your items to those who will buy them, sign up for your newsletter, and other valuable actions.

Catalog sales – To attract new customers who are more inclined to make a purchase, display a product catalog.

Store traffic – Target people who are nearby to the physical store.





Learn about your company’s objectives before you create an advertisement. It’s important to know the audiences you want to target and what you want to achieve in order to choose the right objective. Your advertising goal is the behavior you want your audience to do after viewing your ad. For instance, you may want to show your brand to those who are interested in your business by designing your advertisements in a way that invites people to visit your website/page.


Although Facebook advertising is simple to use at first, mastering it will need you to spend hours on the dashboard navigating through all of the available options and capabilities. Always keep learning and experimenting until you achieve the goals you set out to achieve, which should be reaching customers who will visit your website and make purchases.


If you want to know more about the step by step process of Facebook ads, message Arc Innovation and Insights. We are professional marketers who can and will help you navigate ads manager and set up your first ever ad campaign to boost your sales. Let’s talk about your marketing objectives to target a more specific audience and run an effective ads for your business.