Facebook and Instagram Shops: The Best of Both Worlds of Social Shopping

Facebook and Instagram Shops: The Best of Both Worlds of Social Shopping


Large and small businesses have begun to use Instagram and Facebook’s shopping feature as part of their online marketing strategies. With the new functionality, brands can create a virtual store on Facebook and Instagram. This allows people to find and purchase a brand’s featured products with just a few clicks. A call to action button can redirect your followers to your website or to Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct. This new feature is available on their other acquired platforms like WhatsApp.

Let’s delve deeper into how can these new features help your online business especially on the height of COVID-19 pandemic:


A great approach to introduce new products

Unlike other eCommerce giants that rely on other channels to bring in customers, Facebook has a significant advantage: its audience already exists. With millions of people accessing Facebook every day, it’s simpler and easier for businesses to publish product launch announcements and direct consumers to their store features on the social media platform. 


Promotes better shopping experience

Customers will be able to make purchases without having to leave Facebook or Instagram, reducing friction from social media promotion and greatly boosting the advantages of social sharing and advocacy.


An innovative way of loyalty programs among your consumers

Facebook is trying to have a way for a brand to connect their loyalty program online. Consumers can easily track their points and rewards. This feature may encourage clients to return to your shop for future purchases, resulting in the development of a loyal customer base.


Tag your products during live-selling

Another way for a brand to interact with their audience on a real time basis is by doing a livestream. Before going live, merchants, brands, and creators will be able to tag items from their Facebook Shop or catalog, and those products will appear at the bottom of the video for viewers to tap, learn more and purchase.


Set up your shop for free

You only need a Facebook or Instagram account and Business Suite to get started. Simply go to your page’s Shop tab, select Get Started, and fill out the appropriate fields, which include those for what you offer, banking information, and delivery choices. You’re off to the races after you agree to the merchant’s terms.


Easier customer engagement management

Answer your consumer’s worries or questions before quickly via Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram Direct.Your consumers can get answers to their queries, and monitor the status of their order’s delivery in an instant.


Social Shopping is in!

While the country is continuously battling the pandemic, we must not stop looking for ways on how to improve not just ourselves but also our business. We must take advantage of the opportunities and innovations that these platforms are creating.

Facebook Shop is looking forward to exploring new ways to improve the hosting and purchasing experience for both users and businesses. Loyalty programs are being developed to assist individuals in discovering and shopping for things they enjoy while also earning incentives that may be used toward future purchases.

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