Make Your Brand Stand Out

Brand awareness plays a vital role in your business. A higher level of this will generate more sales and credibility among your audiences. The power of social media can help you achieve your brand’s notoriety. It is very timely since the Philippines has a high number of active social media users. With a highly competitive atmosphere, how can you stand out?

Here are some ways to help you jazz up your branding:


  1. Find the right social media platform

You have to choose a social media platform that will help you reach your goal and give you more chances to build a community of loyal consumers. Start by analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, and demographics of each social network. 


  1. Have a distinctive personality

In social media, your audiences are human beings. You should have more relatable but unique branding. Let people distinguish your personality through your posts or your profile bio. Think of a way on how you can get their attention. 

Always take note that most people on social media have a lower attention span. 


  1. Aesthetically pleasing content

A visual representation can give you more engagements. You can choose a default font or art style for your brand. A good image and witty write-ups can win people’s tastes! 

These images should not only be eye-pleasing but should always be entertaining, educational, and helpful. Indeed a picture can paint a thousand words.


  1. Tap influencers

Consider investing in influencer marketing—a collaboration with individuals who have a large number of followers and engagements on social media. This can be a powerful tool for your brand. Imagine your product’s reach when they mention you on their contents. 

Choose someone who suits your brand’s vision and mission well!


  1. Maximize the use of hashtags

Hashtags allow your content to interact with people who have the same interests and themes. Research your audience and strategize well on what keywords you should use. According to a study conducted by Agorapulse, a 70.4% percent increase in likes was observed in posts with hashtags compared to those without. 


  1. Initiate interaction among your followers

Use strong emotional points and be a good storyteller. Put up polls or surveys to know your followers’ preferences. You can also create some fun brain teasers or games! 

Communicate regularly with your audiences. You should always be present and consistent in posting. You can also utilize scheduling tools such as Buffer, Sendible and etc.


These are only a few basic tips that you can apply to boost your brand awareness. Aiming to be a well-known and trusted brand by consumers may be tedious but with patience, perseverance, and utilizing social media well, it can help your business thrive. 

Struggling to find out how to increase your brand awareness? Arc can help you strategize and also build a strong social media presence for your brand.