New Normal with ARC

Now that the country has welcomed the new normal, how do you improve and continue your business while staying compassionate of the situation, cautious of the threats and precautions, and authentic marketers?

As we go on the 4th month of being under quarantine, business entities are slowly adapting to the new normal and putting back their operations. However, delimited by the safety precautions that the government instructed and enforced. And during the pandemic, some businesses closed and are forced to stop their operations. Physical contact is strictly prohibited and only deliveries are available. And because of these, businesses and brands have become more aggressive in using social media as a platform in promoting their products and services.

To help you with your brand promotion during the new normal, here are some tips to attract customers and a larger market.

  • Listen to your Audience: The voices of your audiences matter as much as your opinion about your product/service. And marketing your brand must adapt to the changes experienced by your target audience. Stay connected to your customers and monitor your brand’s performance on social media.
  • Stay Loyal to your Audience to gain their loyalty: Come up with witty ads, create sales, and promos in order to achieve fast-growing customer loyalty, brand awareness, and higher conversion rates. Maintain mobile interaction with your customers.
  • Optimize your content based on the goals and needs of your audience: Adjust or transition your content to relevant topics for your audience. Align your company’s values with your customers’ goals. Add a pinch of fun and motivate them to move forward in this tough period.
  • Use positive and creative visuals: No matter how tough the situation is, it is good to have content that can encourage and send positivity to your audiences. Apply calming colors and designs, set a positive mood on your artworks, and keep your message short but concise to avoid overloading of ideas.

Despite the pandemic, ARC never stopped working in providing our clients hassle-free social media management. We make sure that our clients’ brand and social media are well taken care of and maximize its potential despite the situation.

Here at ARC, we make sure to combine creative thinking, empathy, and data-driven marketing as we help you manage your brand. And as more people engage and resort to social media due to the scare of the virus, take this opportunity to communicate with your audiences intimately, and get a team that will help you with your digital marketing.

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