Digital Marketing for the New Normal

In a blink of an eye, the world has faced a series of serious global issues and trials including the vast spread of Coronavirus or popularly known as COVID-19. With most countries still implementing Home Quarantine, people are advised to stay home and practice social distancing. Although the pandemic has slowed down businesses did you know that there is also an opportunity to boost your marketing despite these trying times?

When we say advertising placements, our initial thoughts are billboards, flyers, street signs, posters and the like. In our current situation these touchpoints are now left unseen, especially now that most of us are staying at home. On the other hand, the majority of those staying at home are spending more time online.

While we are under quarantine and we are in the middle of transforming into the “new normal”, Digital Marketing is a cost-effective tool to reach your target market. This is the right time to explore new ways of reaching out to your customers or audience in an effortless way.

Here are 3 ways of how Digital Marketing can help your business during a pandemic:

• Establish a Good Social Media Brand Identity – Utilize the use of your social media platforms. Interact with your clients, post informative posts about your brand, and update on how you can help your community. Brands can utilize social media as a way to get their key message across but in a very cost-effective way.

• Update your Website – People are regularly using their phones and searching for new information online, now more than ever. Do not miss this opportunity for your audience not to see your products or services. Update your website content to make sure that you are keeping up with the current trend. Updating common customer queries/ FAQ is one of the important keys to help your client to get to know your services and products.

• Consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Just because you have your own website for your business, doesn’t mean that your work is done. Having the best website in the world is useless if your audience cannot find it. One way of ensuring that your website appears in search results is SEO.

ARC offers Social Media Management by helping you manage your community interaction and social media investment and ad campaigns by launching holistic, up-to-date content, stylish artwork for your post, and real value campaigns.

ARC also provides SEO for your website. We identify which keywords are most relevant for your website and conduct an audit on which ones have the most opportunity to integrate so that your website comes up first in search results.

We are all facing an unfortunate situation right now, but it doesn’t mean we are going to stop and give up on the business that we worked hard to build. Let Digital marketing help you in continuing your business operations, and at the same time provide help to our community.

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