The Rise of Live Streaming in the Age of The Pandemic

The Rise of Live Streaming in the Age of The Pandemic

Since the pandemic started, going out for shopping, travelling, attending concerts, seminars, religious gatherings and all other face-to-face events became infeasible.  People are now always on their phones and gadgets, hence, these gatherings, events or even stores maximized the use of livestreaming to engage with their customers.

Apps with live streaming features are accessible and free to download. For this reason, the live streaming industry is predicted to reach $70 billion this year. According to LiveStream’s survey 80% of people would rather watch a brand’s live stream than read a blog.

If you are looking for alternative content for your brand here are some reasons why you should start considering live streaming:


  1. Audience can consume your content real time

The most significant and compelling advantage of live streaming is that audiences consume information on your time. This means you’re only interacting with individuals that care about you and your business, as well as those who find your product highly valuable. You are proactively directing information to those who are more likely to switch and engage with your brand.


  1. Can help build trust to your audience

Many viewers see live streams as more alluring and authentic since everything happens live. With increased audience trust, your brand acquires greater clout in your industry. You may expect people to return and share your content as well as your products.


  1. Encourage user engagement

Live streaming content is distinct in that it allows real-time user involvement. Because live videos are genuine and present, they attract more user attention and urge the audience to interact with the information you provide. 

Live broadcasting allows you and your audience to connect with one another in real time. This real-time connection fosters personal relationships while still strengthening the connection between your brand and customers.


  1. Get profit from your content

You may capitalize on your viewer’s enthusiasm by allowing them to make online purchases while they are watching. Another thing is there are live streaming platforms that allow users to monetize their live content. 


  1. Help increase brand awareness

Live broadcasts are not only an excellent method to build awareness about your brand, but they also allow you to bring your consumers right inside your business. You can let your consumers interact instantly while you’re discussing plans for a new product line or branding.


  1. Cost-effective and time-efficient video marketing

Live streaming equipment is inexpensive, especially when compared to pre-recorded videos. Professionally made videos are extremely costly and may take a long time to finish. Using live streaming also does not necessitate a hefty setup. If you’re on a tight budget, you may start live streaming on a dime and achieve amazing results every time.


Wrapping this up!

Since it allows you to reach a significantly larger audience with a very small cost, live streaming is now one of the fastest growing industries. You establish a real connection with your viewers when you communicate with them on a personal level. You won’t be capable of building this kind of relationship with your followers with any other type of content.