Set Up and Grow Your Business on Instagram

Set Up and Grow Your Business on Instagram


In building your own business, social media presence and availability are vital, considering that Instagram and other social media platforms have over 500 million daily users. This can help your business find more possible consumers and grow your online presence.

Regardless of the time, people who are also called the “netizens” are on their phones; scrolling and getting updates on their timelines. As such, taking advantage of its popularity and converting it into business is one way of maximizing its effectiveness. Furthermore, you can now link your product catalog to your Instagram profile via Instagram Shop. As a result, you’ll be able to directly market your items to Instagram users via posts, stories, reels, explore tab, and a customized shop button on your profile. In addition, Instagram is enormously expanding its shopping capabilities.

But what exactly is an Instagram store, how can you set up one, and how can it help you develop your business?


Setting Up Your Instagram Business Profile

First, you’ll need an Instagram business profile to open an Instagram store. Thankfully, converting your Instagram profile to a business profile simply takes a minute. You’ll also get access to additional business tools like action buttons, Instagram insights, and Instagram advertisements.


Here’s how:

Step 1. Go to Settings and click Account


Step 2.  Scroll down and click on Switch to Professional Account


Step 3. Choose what best describe your professional account



Step 4. Continue setting up your account

After setting up your business account, you can now open an Instagram store. However, you must complete all of Instagram’s requirements for its verification and guidelines. The product pages on the platform include everything a customer would want to know about an item before purchasing it, such as:

  • The product’s official name
  • Images of the product
  • Product description
  • Product cost
  • A link to view the product on your website
  • Related products


Tools You Can Utilize Inside Instagram

  • Shops on Instagram

Businesses can use Shops to establish their brand story and drive product discovery in a native way of shopping experience. Shops are immersive full screen storefronts that allow businesses to build their brand story and drive product visibility.

  • Promote Post on Instagram

            This tool allows you to promote your top-performing post within the IG app. Hence, giving you more potential followers and reaching more leads. You can also add a call to action button and even customize your audience demographics and your ad objectives.

  • Instagram Reels

            Have better engagement among your followers and give them a more comprehensive overview of your products using the newest tool in IG, the Reels.

            Reels are short and entertaining videos that you can utilize to tell your brand story without compromising your audience’s short attention span. Since this is a video tool of Instagram, you can effectively show your products and services’ potential, benefits and actual results. This tool can also allow you to highlight your brand in the most creative and alluring way.

            These are just the initial steps, requirements and tools on utilizing your Instagram for your business. If you want to know more and see more potential in your business account, you can have professional help with that!


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