7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential for Your Business

7 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential for Your Business


Social media marketing is simply defined as creating content for your brand to connect directly with your audiences. It also builds your brand awareness across different social media platforms to reach everyone in your target market.

With the current situation of the pandemic, people are forced to stay home and rely on getting information from social media. Thus, the number of social media users continues to surge in the past year. According to Data Reportal’s Global Social Media Stats, 53% of the global population are in social media at the start of 2021. 

Just imagine your brand’s potential when you start working on your social media marketing strategies. Here are some advantages that you can credit when you start investing in social media marketing:


  • Keep your brand on top-of-mind of your audiences.

Social media is a quick and cost-efficient choice in spreading information about your brand. Users can like and share your content easily, which can generate new possible consumers, followers or increase the conversion rate for your brand or business. 

Improved brand awareness can expand your audience, help increase traffic to your website, and help with your brand’s credibility.


  • Track your audience’s insights.

Social listening allows you to evaluate and monitor social conversations around the web. You can get to know who your followers are and ride with trends that are interesting to them. 

This can help you create engaging and relevant campaigns or content, as well as uncover questions such as: What do your followers think about your brand and what kinds of content do your followers want?


  • Easier community engagement.

Everything can be real-time in terms of communicating. Social media marketing can help your brand connect to your followers and audiences directly. Likewise, your audiences can reach you easily and can give feedback about your products or services by means of commenting or using direct messages. You can even quickly resolve issues with your customers.

This can also help you humanize your brand by creating contents that are more relatable and close to your consumers’ heart. Showing your brand values will enable your brand to create meaningful connections among your audiences.

  • Cost-efficient ad placements.

Unlike traditional ad placing, you don’t need to pay millions to promote your products or services online. 

Social media ads like Facebook Ads target everyone who is more likely to be interested in what you are offering. This will help you in making your campaigns more effective and profitable.


  • More traffic on your website.

Social media can help your customers land on your website. You can embed the link of your website to your profile’s bio and also to your ads. 

Instagram Stories also has the swipe-up feature that can redirect your audience to your site. You can promote landing pages, e-commerce websites, blog posts, products, and even your online live events. Your viewers can easily swipe up on the Story to access the link.


  • Get people to talk about your brand.

Influencers are also on the rise of today’s social media trends. Word of mouth still never fails as a strategy to get people to buy your products or services.

A way to boost the word of mouth for your brand is to tap influencers—those who have a high number of followers and engagements with other brands as well. These people can help you build trust because they have already built their own credibility among their fans and followers. People have respect and will believe an influencer’s recommendations and content.


  • Can monitor and keep an eye on your competitors.


It is also important to know your competitors and what their followers say about them. 

Your brand can get the advantage of learning a lot from them like studying their consumers’ pain points and addressing them directly so you can win new potential customers. 


Get all these benefits!

Social media can open countless opportunities for your business and can even help you reach people globally. Arc can help you get all these benefits. With holistic account management, we can do hassle-free and cost-efficient social media management services.