Unlocking Social Media Success: Exploring the Different Types of Content for Digital Marketing 

In today’s digital age, social media has become an essential platform for marketing businesses, connecting to their target audience, and building a robust online presence. However, having a social media account does not guarantee success in the digital space. 

In projecting a distinctive presence in the crowded digital space, your business should have an adequate content strategy that embodies your brand and resonates with your audience. In this article, you’ll be able to explore the different types of content you can use to unlock your business’s social media success. 

Here are Different Types of Content:

1. Pillar ContentPillar content is comprehensive and informative content you can post on social media about a specific topic that you can break into pieces to form sub-topics for building ideas and producing other content. Pillar content is the backbone of your brand and provides structural support and stability for your digital marketing presence. 

The characteristics of pillar content include: 

Extensive Coverage- Pillar content thoroughly explores a specific topic, covering all relevant subjects and sub-topics, aiming to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic and answers to your audience’s questions. 

Timeless and Relevant- it focuses on topics that are not subject to frequent changes and updates. It ensures that the content remains relevant over time. 

SEO Optimized- Pillar content is optimized for search engines to rank high on search results with specific keywords and provide relevant information. 

Pillar content may be in the form of but is not limited to:

• Articles

• Guides

• Tutorials

• eBooks

Overall, pillar content plays a huge role in making your social media success possible, serving as the cornerstone for creating and improving valuable content for your digital marketing needs. 

2. Evergreen ContentEvergreen content is content that remains timely and relevant even after a period because it is not about a specific trend or event. Evergreen content also continues to drive traffic to your social media page. Pillar content is also considered evergreen content, as this kind of content remains continually relevant over a long time. 

Common Evergreen Content Formats:

• Tips

• How-Tos 

• Product Reviews 

• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Evergreen content helps drive prospects and convert them into sales. It also drives continuous traffic to your website and improves your search engine rankings. It also puts your brand in a higher position as an industry leader and connects with your audience on social media. 

3. Trending Content- is about a subject or topic that experiences a surge in terms of popularity also called hype but only for a short time. It is usually a timely word, phrase, or a topic. Usually originates on various social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. Often labeled as ‘trending’ or ‘popular now’ the topic is the current talk of the town. 

Trending content may also be called ‘User Generated Content’.

4. Audience Specific/Targeted Content- This is personalized content tailored for specific audiences. Intended to inform, give understanding, and raise awareness about what your brand does, your services, products, and such. Audience-specific content helps you with brand discovery and ultimately turns leads into sales. 

Examples of Audience Specific Content:

• Buyer’s Guide

• Localized Content

• Interactive Content

Fully unlock your success in social media marketing, use these various types of content, and build a cohesive social media presence for your brand or business. 

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