Difference Between Social Media Marketing & Management?

social media marketing

In Arc Innovation, we’re frequently asked what is the difference between Social Media Marketing and Social Media Management. They kind of sound like the same thing but in this guide, we’re going to break down the gap. The easiest way to know the distinction between social media marketing or advertising and social media management is to realize the difference between paid and organic.

Let’s first understand the difference between paid and organic. When somebody types in a keyword, your ad renders and reveals up. You can control it based on your budget. It is possible to start running your ads and driving visitors to your website tomorrow.

But, There’s also something called search engine optimization on Google and that is organic search and therefore, you have to optimize your website. You have to build consistent content. You have to have a strategy in place to get to the very top of the search for your site and to remain there. And, it’s not likely to happen overnight and going to take somewhat longer.

It’s much the same with social media marketing and social media management.

Social Media Marketing/Advertising

Social media marketing permits you to pick your demographics, select your target, set it according to your budget, make your business advertisements visible to your target audience instantly, and you’ll be able to start seeing the results come through in a very brief period. Social media marketing/advertising can help you get noticed as soon as possible which is fantastic, but it’s a little more costly. It’s more of a short-term strategy that may drive great effects but at a greater price.

Social Media Management

Is an organic strategy such as social media management, you have to construct content. You need to constantly post content. You must engage with your community and what happens is, if you continually operate and put forth that effort, you are going to see an increase in followers. The impact does not happen overnight. It happens over an extended period. The benefits and the advantages are enormous but it’s more of a long term strategy. In other words, when you begin social media management in the initial month or two, you may not have a lot of followers, however after a year, then you could have a tremendously huge following that’s generating a substantial amount of business for your company. It is an investment you need to make long-term.

Which One’s Better?

Well Just like in the area of search engine optimization, when someone searches a keyword, you want to rank higher in the paid ads that are in the top a few listings, and also high in organic search.

Same thing from the social world. Through social media marketing/advertising, you would like to be visible to people, build your brand awareness of individuals that may never have heard of you by creating an investment in conducting paid campaigns. However, you also wish to build your organic presence and social following/likes. You would like to post content and participate with your community. You wish to engineer social proof and when people see that you have, they are going to trust you more and you are going to find an enormous amount of sales and outcomes.


Social media marketing/advertising is short-term, costs money but you can get visible results immediately. Social media management takes a long term investment but can generate huge results over a long period.

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