The Importance of Facebook Advertising this 2024

In the ever-changing digital marketing landscape, more businesses compete for digital space this year. Merely posting on social media platforms alone isn’t enough for brands, especially those that are just starting.

Facebook advertising is a useful tool for start-ups and even established companies, businesses, and brands. With two (2) billion active users, marketers can potentially reach millions of users through Facebook ads. By the first quarter of 2024, the daily active Facebook users is projected to go up to more than three (3) billion users.

In the Philippines, there are almost a hundred million Facebook users. Making the local digital space an opportunity for brands to be seen, be known, and be sold. 

With such a huge number, targeting the right people is never a problem because Facebook provides a platform with advanced targeting options that helps advertisers to reach their target audience effectively through tailored campaigns. 

The platform’s diverse ad formats including images, videos, and immersive experience empowers businesses to advertise creatively while connecting to their audience. Moreover, the integrated ecosystem including Instagram, Whatsapp, and Messenger facilitates flawless cross-channel marketing strategies. 

These said platforms also have the largest user base:

  • WhatsApp with 2.7 Billion users,
  • Instagram with 2.5 Billion users, and 
  • Facebook Messenger with 988 Million users worldwide. 

With this amount of users, around 70% come across social media advertisements at least once a day. A very huge opportunity for brands like you to be seen and discovered by the public. 

Facebook also provides an in-depth analytics tool that shows data-driven insights, including the number of people that were reached by the ad, the number of times people have seen your ad, and more data results. A helpful tool allowing advertisers to continually adjust their campaigns for maximum impact. 

Facebook advertising isn’t just about reaching a number of audiences; it is about creating interaction and building connections.

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