The Marketing Mix: A Digital Marketing Agency’s Approach to Business Success in the Philippines

Discover the importance of the marketing mix in digital marketing and how a digital marketing agency in the Philippines can help your business succeed through social media management, content management, and other proven strategies.

By Lester Leonard Antonio
Business Development Intern
Arc Innovation and Insights

In its true essence, marketing is a simple concept encapsulated by various theories and ideas. Hundreds of thousands of books are out there about how to effectively engage people into listening to your message. Marketing after all, is a science about getting groups of people to believe you and buy whatever you’re selling. 

However, if you peel through the layers of concepts and theories, the very core of marketing is knowing who you should be talking to. Remember the 4Ps? Yes, the good ol’ marketing mix. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. That is a concept that every marketer knows by heart; all that Ps for one important C—customer.

While the concept is not new, Its relevance still cuts through in the era of digital marketing. A Digital marketing agency in the Philippines or abroad still reverts to the 4Ps for any digital marketing decision.


The Marketing Mix and the Four Ps of it All

Neal Borden cemented his idea of the marketing mix in 1964 through his article, The Concept of The Marketing Mix. Borden was fascinated with the idea of influencing consumer behavior through controllable variables. During that time, it wasn’t the 4Ps yet. The variables identified included 3 of the 4 Ps, product, price, promotion, and distribution.

Marketing experts acknowledged the Borden Marketing Mix as an effective strategy for marketing success. Over time, the marketing mix evolved into more elements. One iteration of this is the now-famous 4Ps, proposed by Jerome McCarthy. McCarthy used the same variables as Borden’s; only in his version, he replaced “distribution” with “place.”

If you look at the marketing mix, you should understand that every aspect is to get customers, potential or current, to keep listening, believing, and trusting you and your product. It is a fundamental concept about the different strategies and tactics geared towards selling your products and services. 


Digital Marketing Mix: The Arc Way

At Arc Innovation and Insights, we value the marketing mix. We apply that valuable framework to every aspect of our service. Our digital marketing strategies may differ for each client, but we ensure our approach is proven and tested for success built on the marketing mix.



We start every partnership with an assessment to find the pain points in your digital presence. We will then suggest the best suitable digital product for you. We offer social media management, website development, and content management to increase engagement and better recall for your product or brand.

Moreover, businesses may also partner with Arc for strategic management consultancy. Our marketing experts and planners can help you set SMART goals and objectives, whether digital or otherwise. 



Based on your target market, we’ll assess your pricing and suggest possible adjustments to better reach your audience. Moreover, digital channels are the best way to communicate the message. We will use your digital presence to promote discounts, special offers, and purchase incentives to encourage your audience to buy. 



We will choose the most suitable channels to reach the target audience. This could include developing a website or improving your business’ social media presence. TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook marketing are some of the most effective digital places to be in to increase awareness.



Developing a comprehensive digital marketing plan is part of our service in Arc. We can do content marketing and management, social media marketing, email marketing, and paid advertising, depending on your requirement. 

Our goal will be to reach the target audience and persuade them to take action. Whether making a purchase, signing up for a newsletter, or creating a desire to connect, we will create a digital marketing plan to maximize your online presence.

We always tailor our strategy to our client’s specific needs and goals using marketing concepts that are proven effective. We base our recommendations on a thorough understanding of their target audience and market, ensuring that our digital marketing strategy effectively achieves our client’s goals. When you partner with Arc Innovation and Insights, you partner with an agency that will value your business and prioritizes your goals. Message us today to get a free assessment of your business’ digital standing.